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  • ball editor para pes2012

    ball editor para pes2012

    You don’t need to add pluing. Just run game PES 2012 first (pes2012.exe), go to football life menu, load BAL save, go to personal info menu -> my data screen and open BAL Editor(PluginFramework.exe). In the BAL Editor screen you should do that

    1: choose your version of pes2012 on the first tab
    2: click the bottom left button to load data of game
    3: change to the 2nd tab and edit value of player (max 99) and DO NOT edit the last value on the bottom of the right column because it’s the Overral rating and auto change when you reload the save
    4: click the bottom right button of screen to save data you were edited
    5: change to the 3rd and 4th tab and edit value you need. don’t forget to save data right after edit value by clicking the bottom right button of screen
    6: go to the first tab and save data by clicking the bottom right button of screen
    7: go to next day in pes 2012 screen, view personal data to see it was changed
    8: save your BAL to another slot and reload that slot. you’re superman now ^_^

    Thanks inttny and EPT team for this tool.
    You must have Microsoft dotnet 4 to run this tool
    PS: I update to the lastest version v1.1.3 (25/10/2011). Hope it will work with all of you

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