DFL Option File v5.0 PES 2017 PS4 - by Cristiano92

option file pes 2017


- Full Bundesliga (all teams, kits, squads, stats and all faces).
- All ingame teams with correct emblems, kits and correct names.
- All national teams with corret players and kits.
- Full major league soccer with correct emblems, kits and squads.
- Full chinese super league with correct emblems, kits and squads.
- Champions league; europa league and latin american teams.
- No fake teams in europe and american.


- Drag WEPES from first folder to your USB.
- In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select all exorts and import without any box checked!.
- Save and delete everything from usb.
- Drag WEPES from second folder to your USB.
- Import all exports and cross “Apply Player and Squad Data”.
- Save everything and your done.
- You have to import the competition logos yourself and add them, also change the name of the leagues.

Problemas conocidos:

If the game crashes on a specific team try importing it seperately.
If you have “._koln.bin” like files DONT IMPORT THEM, it’s a common issue when using a mac.
In Friendly Mode always deactivate Live Update (R3) or you can not use correct squads.
If you want to play with a friend offline, do not switch turn the 2.controller on before team selection.
If the game tells you there are not enough players in the teams: Go to “Created Players” Section and delete every player listed as free agent with Triangle.


- nicoultras great work with CSL and Bundesliga Updates
- faces from spaziogames and bama
- erzo77 exports
- MLS base by r8cha, kits by PESWorld
- some other kits in nationals teams and championship by pesworld
- valencia5 for latin and european teams
- Team Export Share Thread
- angeltorero europe nt exports
- Kits by angeltorero and 4N63L/SelfBias, CarrascoLive1
- Paul2478 for some Stats, PSD for some stats

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