PesComplete Editor 0.63 BETA - by mosu


- Fixed a version that appeared in v 0.62, changes at player were not made after save button
- Now using TAB to switch from a ability to another also selects the text
- Fixed a bug when changing team name to exactly same name but with low letters, the team list was'nt updating
- Right order of abilities like in game
- Fixed problem with special characters for teams
- Now Save and Save As buttons are disabled before loading an option file
- Fixed a bug when trying to click Save New Data but no team was selected from listbox when clicking
- Added support for checking if the ok option file is loaded, by checking its size
- Objects locked until a new option file is loaded
- Player list is sorted OK after saving
- Player in list updates when name changed
- If no OF loaded when clicking Uniform Dress Style-Undershorts button crash
- If no OF loaded when clicking Body Type-Head Size button crash
- If no OF loaded when trying to switch short method crash
- Gloves fix
- Team in list updates when name changed

Si no lo tienes instalado, necesitas instalar .NET Framework 2.0

Autor: mosu
Plataforma: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PC
Tamaño: 78 bytes
Agregado el: 06-12-2007 20:49:29
Descargas: 1851
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