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Option File 3.1 (included in 'folder1') CONTENTS:
- 100% Correct player, team, stadium & league names.
- Corrected player call names (where available) for ALL club & national team.
- Up to date transfers.
- Over 50 additional new players created with FM2005/CM4 data and added to squads.
- Leeds United replace PES United.
- Fenerbahce replace WE United.
- Unreal players from PES & WE United teams edited over with real players.
- *** DUPLICATE PLAYERS REMOVED *** (In the edit section Konami always display the players
in the original teams when you use 'Edit Player' regardless of what changes/transfers you
have made. For this reason, you will still see the edited players in the original teams
although when you go to 'Edit Team' or play any other mode in the game, everything will
be updated.)
- Updated squads, starting line-ups & formations for many club & national teams.
- Squad numbers updated for English Premier League.
- Many thanks to all those who helped with squads, formations, starting lineups etc. &
apologies to those whose adjustments I didn't have time to implement.

2005 Evolution Patch CONTENTS:
- ALL Official Uniforms included (by kEL, Spark, OPM, Dr.X Ray, cfdh_edmundo,ibo, Javeplus
JuyLE, Yogui, Burgy, Tiptoe, Fabiano, Daikirai, youyou, Bensab, Biker_Jim_UK, Calenulma
__cOoL__ & any others I may have forgotten to thank.)
- High Quality Badges & Flags (by Higgs & The Wolf)
- League & Cup logos (by Higgs)
- 2D Uniforms (by Higgs)
- Title Screen (by pep_sa)
- Many more real team call names.
- New balls (by Ariel from Soccer Access)
Classic Ball --> Adidas Roterio
Plain Ball --> Nike Blue Aerow
Roteiro --> Nike Geo Merlin
Pelias --> Nike Yellow Aerow
Finale --> Adidas Fernova
SY1 --> Nike Red Aerow
SY2 --> Adidas Red Finale
- New ball names in the menus.
- New Backgrounds Patch (by FCH with amendments by The Wolf)
- High Quality Ad-Boards (by FCH)
- Many more new Supporters Flags & Updated Others (by Asmo, Mazimo, cfdh_edmundo & Various)
- Referee Uniforms (by kEL)
- Shoes (by Spark)
- 'CC-Patch AIO v3 PES4 PC' Chants & Environment Patch (by Solidus J2K)
- U2: Beautiful Day Main Menu Music (by Unknown)
- Form Guide
- Uniform Number Pack - 1=Puma, 2=Adidas, 3=Nike, 4=Umbro (by Spark)
- Stadium: St. James' Park (by crazyaxel21)
- Stadium: Parc des Princes (by crazyaxel21)
- Stadium: Nou Camp 2.0 (by Sin3-16)
- Stadium: San Siro Updated (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: Dortmund Westfallen Stadion 1.0 (by crazyaxel21)
- Stadium: Djurgarden Rasunda Stadion (by crazyaxel21)
- Stadium: Highbury Updated (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: Stamford Bridge Updated (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: Anfield New (by Haukur Gudnason)
- Stadium: Old Trafford Updated (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: Delle Alpi Updated (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: Stadio Olimpico (by Sin3-16/Frenkie)
- Stadium: De Kuip (by crazyaxel21)
- Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu (by FCH)

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