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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 PC Herramientas Edición

descargas pes


  • Descarga  DpFileList Generator v1.8 - by Baris

    DpFileList Generator pes 2017

    Compatible con PES 2017

    - Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 32 CPKs
    - Select needed cpk-files
    - Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop
    - Read already existing DpFileList.bin
    - [NEW] Updated GUI; window resizing is now possible (as requested long time ago here)

    .rar / .zip Download v1.8 via File Upload:

    1) Elige la carpeta “download” donde tienes instalado el juego (la carpeta tendrá los archivos .cpk)
    Optional: 1.1) select already existing DpFileList.bin to preselect already used CPKs
    2) Selecciona los archivos .cpk los cuales deberían estar en el DpFileList.bin
    3) Ordena los archivos .cpk seleccionados mediante arrastrar y soltar.
    4) Genera el DpFileList.bin (automáticamente se generará un backup con el nombre DpFileList.bin.BACKUP)

    Necesitas el ultimo Framework 4.5, puedes hacerlo desde aquí

    1. How is the sorting logic of the application?
    At top of the generated DpFileList.bin the cpk file with the lowest priorty is arranged.

    2. I get an error while creating the DpFileList.bin.
    Try to rerun the tool as admin (right-click => run as administrator).

    3. “Error unable to find csv file”
    The “DlcDb.csv” has to be in the “DpFileListGeneratorData” folder, please don’t change the data structure, otherwise the tool will not find the csv file.
    Just download the file, extract and run it.

    4. What is the maximum amount of CPKs that can be added?
    32 CPK files can be added.

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    Agregado el: 2016-11-04 22:02:55
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  • Descarga  Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.4 - by lagun-2

    edicion pes 2017


    Edit the file .bin:

    - Player.bin
    - PlayerAssignement.bin
    - Team.bin
    - Country.bin
    - Tactics.bin
    - TacticsFormation.bin

    - Reading of all Players in the files
    - Name
    - Shirt name
    - Nationality

    - Reading of all Teams in the files
    - Team name NEW
    - Short name NEW
    - ID NEW
    - Type team NEW
    - Country/National NEW
    - Fake Team NEW
    - Non playable league NEW
    - License NEW
    - Coach license NEW

    Teams Transfers
    - Transfers players (Also with Drag&Drop Function)
    - Search players by name
    - Change player’s number in team
    - Change player’s name in team
    - Change player’s shirt name in team

    Drag&Drop Function
    - Transfers player between teams
    - Transfers player from all player’s list
    - Remove player in formation
    - Move player in formation

    Teams Formation
    - Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
    - Change Position of player
    - Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
    - Change player’s position in team with a click
    - Change kickers

    players + teams [CSV]
    Teams [CSV] NEW

    - Stadium: [PES 14/PES 15/PES 16] NEW
    Stadium Name, Hex, Home Stadium, Real Name, DLC NEW

    Extra Features
    - unzlib/zlib file [PC] - Pes 14/15/16/17
    - Special characters NEW

    - Check for updates
    - info in the case of help
    - Support forum: evo-web NEW
    - New design
    - Improve tool
    - fix bugs NEW


    Designed and developed by lagun-2
    Special thanks to smeagol75 because he was very important for the development of Team Editor Manager 2016
    Unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
    Mohamed Alaa for PC Database and PS3 Database
    Stadium ID List PES 14/15/16 by rickrd0

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