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  • Descarga  JB30 04-06 WE10


    based on izfernando mix.
    Update couldn't control myself so added->

    NEWEST ADDITIONS in 30/04/06-

    1)WE 10 Stadiums 6x New Stadia- Always a great addition- by mIGUEL,thanks to him.
    2)New balls-
    Over the white ball-Finale Blue
    Over the melon-ADIDAS TANGO
    The 2xfruit/meat/barrel are replaced by Nike Aerow Yellow/Blue/Red/Orange found by d3j4 w
    with correct menu image (These need to be bought in the WE shop)


    3) League and Cup Menus- by bothered
    4)Some different/prefered International Supporters Flags
    World Cup/Juve/ACMilan Ads (Not Champ League) -good ones from jayz123
    5)Junka's boot pack
    6)Sexy Cup presenting Ladies- like Old times (thats if their shown giving cups)

    ALSO from izfernando mix-


    7)fernando's english patch v3 - Translates players/in games text to English.
    8 )higgs we10 emblems v2
    9)cup and league logos
    10)team flags


    Apply JB30.04.06WE10.ppf with ppf3 directlty to a clean iso of winning eleven 10 (no other patches required).
    Burn with whatever method works for you ie Open Nero->burn ISO->find newly patched ISO
    (I burn the extracted (using Apache2) files in nero, DVD UDF/ISO mode 2x speed and it works every time.See editing section tools for Apache2)

    Tamaño: 22,93 MB
    Agregado el: 2006-05-03 19:43:16
    Descargas: 5910
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  • Descarga  LFSO_we10_patch.rar

    fernando english patch v3
    higgs we10 emblems v2

    - Tiene nuevos logos de Copa y Liga
    - Balones Nike en la WE-SHOP
    - Vallas Champions League
    - Banderas de equipos

    Y más....

    Tamaño: 8,59 MB
    Agregado el: 2006-04-29 20:45:04
    Descargas: 6279
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