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edicion pes 2015


What this does is it converts PC & PS3 save files over to Xbox format, so you lot can get all the fancy PNG strips & logos. It will not convert PNG files to Xbox compatible files.

So it converts the following.


PS3 file types :

Manager Images
League/Cup Emblem data
Team Emblem data
Uniform data

PC file types :

Manager Images
League/Cup Emblem data
Team Emblem data
Uniform data

Bin Number Changer :

This tool will rename any Converted Bin file to what ever number you want, just drag the .bin file onto the exe (in the same folder) & follow the onscreen instructions.


PC to Xbox Converter v1.0
PS3 to Xbox Converter v1.0
Bin Number Changer v1.0


This years it’s not a click & drag process due to the CON files being hashed to hell, they require rebuilding & the coding for that part is way above my head. (I did try)

This is why Le Fluffie is required, this tool can rebuild CON files. (Horizon doubles the files size)

The conversion part is still a click & wait process, I do all the heavy lifting, you just have to decrypt PC/PS3 files first & stick them in a CON file after I have converted them. (I create the corresponding CON file for each bin files.)

Yes you read that right, decrypt the PS3/PC files, thanks to Konami they encrypted the save files for PS3 & PC, but I include links to the tools you need in the Read-Me.txt file

Extra tools needed.

Bruteforce Save Data

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