Pro-Evo Editor 2008 V 0.2


- Add Import a team from OF2 (Teams are imported from OF2 and players which are replaced and that play in a club or national team are save and copy in edited players)
- Improve english tranlation
- Add basic formation settings (Only show fomration)
- Fix Problem to transfer in classic teams
- Add Import Physique from player OF2
- Add Condition/Fitness and other 1-8 stats in stats adjust
- Fix Problem when open some bad OF or bad file
- Fix Bad display of players infos in Import OF2
- Fix Problem with Edited Player when save keep Edited Player name
- Add Import from PES6 OF et PES2008[PS2] OF .csv (compatible with Compulsion' PESfan Editor 6 or 2008)
- Add tooltips
- Fix Problem with Favoured side (Thx to Skip-br)
- Add change numbers of players in team
- Add individual player stats adjust
- Add Create new player function
- Add Home stadium for Teams
- Add filter players by position
- Add Editing stadiums names
- Add Editing leagues/cups names
- Add Auto Sub option (when put player free He will be replace automatically by an other one which have same position)
- Add Editing specials players in team formation (captain, FK taker, CK taker etc....
- Add filter players without club
- Add filter free players (without club and National Team)
- Fix few Bugs

* Créditos:
Programer : Goldorakiller
Programer assistant: Bouquenom
DLL Players: Skip-Br
DLL Checksum: Mosu90
Big Help : Mosu90 and skip-br
Beta Testers : Bouquenom, Robablade, Celticfan383, seraph, littlecop !

* Importante:

Necesitas tener instalado NET Framework 2.0.

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