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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC Software Edición

descargas pes

  • Descarga  Replay Disabler v1.3 BETA - by cabry

    software edicion pro evolution soccer 2011

    software edicion pro evolution soccer 2011

    1. disable automatic replay after: shot on goal, goal, foul, offside/shot on goal.
    2. change blur effect strength on replays (default, medium, low, disable)
    3. change camera for freekicks, corners, penaltys and goal-kicks
    note: there is a bug with the penalty camera that i can’t resolve.
    4. disable Konami Logo, Intro Video and check for Dlc Updates
    5. change color for loading Cursor

    how to use:
    1. open your pes2011.exe
    2. change the settings
    3. save the pes2011.exe (don’t forget to make a backup)

    credit: barcafan (loading cursor color)

    version 1.3 *BETA*:
    option to disable Konami Logo
    option to disable Intro Video
    option to disable check for Dlc Updates
    option to change path for options file
    option to change color for loading cursor

    version 1.2 *BETA*:
    option to change Camera position for
    Freekick, Corner, Penalty and Goal-kick

    version 1.1:
    option to disable “blur effect” in Replays

    version 1.0:
    option to disable Replays after
    Shot, Goal, Foul and Offside

    Tamaño: 2,75 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-08-05 10:32:48
    Descargas: 1201
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  • Descarga  Loading color tool - by Jenkey1002

    herramienta edicion pro evolution soccer 2011 herramienta edicion pro evolution soccer 2011

    Como se usa:
    - Select your exe file (PES2011.exe must be version 1.03)
    + Have 3 mode can be choiced : EXHIBION, CL, COPA
    - Choose the color which you like
    - Save to finish
    + Chooce “Backup original exe file” is recommended

    Tamaño: 543 bytes
    Agregado el: 2011-07-30 21:20:46
    Descargas: 564
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  • Descarga  Marcador Selector CA2011 - by -cave

    selector de marcadores para pro evolution soccer 2011

    Aplicacion para seleccionar marcadores en tu PES2011

    Tamaño: 1,24 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-07-18 12:15:59
    Descargas: 834
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  • Descarga  Bal Money tool 1.0 - by jenkey1002

    bal money tool para pro evolution soccer

    Cómo se usa:
    Click Open BL, select your BAL Save file (BL##.BIN) - Enter the money value as you want - Save BL to finish

    Tamaño: 542 bytes
    Agregado el: 2011-07-07 13:15:47
    Descargas: 1201
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  • Descarga  MasterLeague Money Tool v1.0 - by Jenkey1002

    masterleague money tool pro evoluton soccer

    Cómo se usa? :
    - Click Open ML, select your Master League Save file (ML##.BIN)
    - Enter the money value as you want
    - Save ML to finish

    Tamaño: 5,54 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-06-24 11:59:04
    Descargas: 1225
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  • Descarga  HD Studio v5.0.0 - by LeoArsalan

    hd studio pro evolution soccer

    Now i have new version of hd studio this is the V5.0.0 of hd studio series .
    this version is the last version that release in 2011 but foe the scoreboard hd creation i must update the program in this version the net hd creation delete and some new and usage option add.
    the option’s are :
    HD Face – HD Hair – HD Boot – HD Boot 3D – HD Ball – HD Truf – HD Glove – HD Scoreboatd || Beta 0.1

    in every option you can see the texture and export each of them except the HD Scoreboard .
    you can have the DDS Setting and Size In The Help & Support Center Of the Program and See How work with that in the video tutorial that i linked bellow

    Tamaño: 20,16 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-06-24 11:34:40
    Descargas: 846
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  • Descarga  Kitserver 11.1.1 - by Juce & Robbie

    kitserver pro evolution soccer

    Supports: PES 2011 demo, 1.0, 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 game versions.

    The following modules are included:

    - afs2fs: manage your BINs in folders – simple and easy, multiple roots supported
    - speeder: adjust the game speed to your liking
    - sides: freely select sides in cup and league competition
    - lodmixer: fine-tune the visual presentation of the game
    - kserv: (1st and 2nd kits only): organize kits for teams in GDB
    - fserv: faceserver. Give every player his own face/hair

    Kitserver 11.1.1 includes a couple of small updates:

    - faceserver: improved the time of startup map-check. Also added option to disable that map-check at the start of the game (see documentation on how to do it) – this could be useful for patchmakers who want to include large faceserver map with their patch.
    - config.exe: fixed GUI bug, where “Game Speed” trackbar control wasn’t drawing properly

    Tamaño: 12,35 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-06-15 17:37:56
    Descargas: 10228
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  • Descarga  Kitserver 11.1.0 - by Juce & Robbie

    pro evolution soccer kitserver

    - faceserver: official release
    - kserv: added handling of extra teams (ID up to 499)
    - lodmixer: automatic AR-correction, custom resolution selection, picture quality overwrite
    - manager.exe: is back!
    - added 1.0 exe support to where it was missing
    - updated documentation (please read if you are new!)

    Tamaño: 12,35 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-06-12 17:43:25
    Descargas: 1018
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  • Descarga  Faceserver 11 BETA 6 - by Juce

    pro evolution soccer 2011

    - now works in ONLINE mode too (since beta 5)
    - added support for BAL mode. You can now assign face/hair to your BAL player if you want.
    - fixed issues with editing, where some edits were lost when saving, like hairstyle

    Tamaño: 562 bytes
    Agregado el: 2011-06-12 16:46:17
    Descargas: 334
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  • Descarga  HD Studio v4.0.0 - by LeoArsalan

    Nuevas opciones :

    In this version you can create the 3d file of boot in hd the 3d file is the that you msut import texture and is in the edit menu of the game for perviewing the boot for you if you have any problem you can use the video tutorial

    Nuevos cambios :

    in this version for the first time in my program you don’t need to unzlib(uncompress) the bin file before open the file for program the program done it automatically and when you submit the changes the program create you a bin file and you don’t need to zlib(compress) the fiel after save it.

    Tamaño: 8,86 MB
    Agregado el: 2011-06-05 18:05:47
    Descargas: 223
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