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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PC Herramientas Edición

descargas pes

  • Descarga  PES2013 Money ML 1.0 - by MxSoNiC

    money ml pes2013

    Tool for PES 2013 – Modifica el dinero en tu archivo ML

    1. set GP Points

    1. instalado .NET Framework (minimo la version 4.0)

    Como se usa:
    1. abre MLxx.bin
    2. Cambia tu dinero
    3. pulsa “accept” y “save” Button

    Gracias a:
    big thanks to neogeo64, Master goldorakiller, Master w!Ld@ and Master Ariel

    Tamaño: 125 bytes
    Agregado el: 2012-09-20 17:02:38
    Descargas: 2486
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  • Descarga  PES2013 Camera Settings 1.0 - by MxSoNiC

    camera setting pes2013

    1. change Camera Position ( Height, near Side and far Side )
    2. change Camera Angle
    3. change Camera Angle Modulator
    4. import Hidden PES 2013 Camera Types

    1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

    Como se usa:
    1. open PES 2012 EXE File
    2. change your settinngs
    3. push “accept” Button
    4. save PES 2012 EXE File

    Planes para la proxima version:
    1. import PES 2010 Cameras
    2. import PES 2011 Cameras

    Gracias a:
    PSO Edit Team, Juce, Ariel, jenckey, carby, moddingway Team, pescorner Team

    Tamaño: 557,99 Kb
    Agregado el: 2012-09-20 13:52:00
    Descargas: 785
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  • Descarga  GP Point Changer 1.0 - by MxSoNiC

    Tool for PES 2013 – set GP Points.

    Supported platforms:
    1. PC only

    Features Settings:
    1. set GP Points in ML Mode
    2. set GP Points in BaL Mode

    1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

    Como se usa:
    1. open ML.bin or BaL.bin
    2. change your GP Points
    3. push “accept” and “save” Button

    Gracias a:
    big thanks to neogeo64, Master goldorakiller, Master w!Ld@ and Master Arie

    Tamaño: 4,93 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-09-19 21:05:15
    Descargas: 1679
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  • Descarga  KitServer - by Juce & Jenkey1002

    kitserver para pes2013

    Version first release
    Support PES2013 1st Demo
    Available module : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder

    Incluye 2 versiones, el Kitserver 13 solo, y el Kitserver + Unlock team tool


    Source code by Juce & Robbie
    Updated by Jenkey1002

    Tamaño: 25,19 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-27 13:40:13
    Descargas: 425
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  • Descarga  Unlock Teams Tool Full 1.05 - by jenkey1002

    desbloqueo equipos demo pes2013


    Unlock setting : ball, stadium, match config…
    LOD mixer
    Enforce Image quality
    Attaching : allow to attach unlocker to any pes2013 demo exe file
    Replay disable (switchable)
    Blur disable (switchable)
    Module : scoreboard switcher, stadium switcher
    Plugin : adboardserver, gameplay, settings saver, camera

    Tamaño: 3,60 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-27 11:36:52
    Descargas: 424
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  • Descarga  Ultimate Editor v5.1.0 - by barcafan

    ultimate editor para pes2013

    Historial de versiones:

    Version 5.1.0 (10.08.12):
    - Added feature of hair color change
    - Added tools tab (so far it’s not fully functional)
    - Added feature of editing team name in all 19 language without need of changing Settings.ini
    - Small bugs fixed

    Version 5.0.5 (03.08.12):
    - Added support of new players’ skill cards
    - Added support for editing of some wrong-formed imgs
    - Fixed small bug with swap button
    - Small bugs fixed

    Version 5.0.4 (31.07.12):
    - Added indicators of loading/saving processes
    - Fixed bug when players reordering in transfers tab led to program crash
    - Fixed Brazilian teams editing
    - Added feature of automatic hair assign

    Version 5.0.3 (30.07.12):
    - Fixed problems with saving hairstyles when players became bald
    - Added feature allowing to change standard hairstyles (without preview)
    - Added feature allowing to change capitan, fk takers, etc.

    Tamaño: 573 bytes
    Agregado el: 2012-08-13 12:09:13
    Descargas: 1154
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  • Descarga  Scoreboard Selector v1.0.0.0 Beta - by Demo_AF

    selector de marcadores pes2013


    1. Elija entre 5 marcadores.
    2. Los ajustes de la herramienta se guardan después de utilizar la herramienta.

    Tamaño: 1,78 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-13 12:06:20
    Descargas: 624
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  • Descarga  PeSBoX 2013 Demo EA Player Editor v2.0 - by Ercan_Ayan

    pesbox editor pes2013

    Caracteristicas 2.0:

    * Team Names Edit – All Language Sported.
    * Team Short Name Edit.
    * Relink Kit.
    * Transfer Players.
    * Change Players’ Kit Number. (Open transfers tab in Players, Select any team , and double click numbers , at last change it).
    * Change Team Sguad List (Up Down).
    * Remove Players in Team.
    * While Face relink , you can see which players used slots.
    * While Kit relink , you can see which teams used slots.
    * On List Players right click for transfer.

    Next Features.
    * Edit Kit Styles

    Tamaño: 7,86 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-07 12:44:16
    Descargas: 538
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  • Descarga  PeSBoX 2013 Demo EA Player Editor v1.1.1 - by Ercan_Ayan

    demo ea player editor para pes2013


    * upgrade import face & hair
    * added “for repack files function”
    * added “repack dt0c.img”
    * Fixed special characther problem
    * fixed stronger foot function

    Como se usa la nueva opcion de importar:

    * like old one load face and drag drop and open dt0c.img
    * click add for repack- it’s added your files in library you dont need click repack dt0c.img for all faces one to one. add all faces and at last click repack
    * that finish, it works %99

    Tamaño: 7,80 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-03 12:06:15
    Descargas: 157
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  • Descarga  PES Commentary Converter v2.0 - by Omar_Ahmed

    convertidor de comentarios pes2013


    - Fix Freeze Problem During Convert
    - Add Progress Bar

    - Convert PES 2010 to PES 2011 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - Convert PES 2011 to PES 2010 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - Convert PES 2011 to PES 2012 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - Convert PES 2012 to PES 2011 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - Convert PES 2012 to PES 2013 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - Convert PES 2013 to PES 2012 (All Commentaries(No Japanese))
    - First Realese

    Nota: Puedes ver el log dentro de la carpeta log.

    Tamaño: 7,02 MB
    Agregado el: 2012-08-03 11:54:01
    Descargas: 497
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