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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC Herramientas Edición

descargas pes

  • Descarga  Kit Set Manager v0.2.1.1 PES 2014 - by moody

    herramientas edicion pes 2014

    Manual dentro de la descarga.

    Tamaño: 9,87 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-10-28 23:57:47
    Descargas: 2634
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  • Descarga  Mega Selector v1.0 PES 2014 - by estica

    mega selector pes 2014

    mega selector pes 2014


    Add contents
    - Edit buttons
    - Edit design
    - Edit /images
    - Compatible with all patches
    - Adjust any patches
    - Name change for each patch
    - Language (English, Spanish, Portuguese and German)
    - Scoreboard
    - Adboards
    - Locker Rooms
    - Referee
    - Modes (Online and Offline)
    - Change color tool
    - File Loader
    - File Explorer
    - Settings.ini editable
    - Add unlimited Scoreboard
    - Add unlimited Adboards
    - Add unlimited Locker Rooms
    - Add unlimited Referee

    Tamaño: 92,00 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-10-16 23:55:56
    Descargas: 360
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  • Descarga  File Loader Beta PES 2014 - by Jenkey1002

    file loader pes 2014

    Novedades versión

    Improve stability for kitloader.
    Fixed bug of GDB kit in edit mode.
    Fixed minor bugs.

    Añadido nuevo plugin: Controller Vibration

    Controller.dll (supports Xbox360 Controller)
    That’ll make controller vibrate when ball hit the post, bar or get foul.

    Tamaño: 12,90 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-10-14 00:50:28
    Descargas: 302
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  • Descarga  Kit Manager v0.1 PES 2014 - by Nimar9

    kit manager pes 2014

    Contenido versión v0.1:

    - Make Kit Manager
    - Supported kitloader v1.0.1.2

    Tamaño: 2,62 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-10-07 23:36:40
    Descargas: 201
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  • Descarga  File Loader v1.0.1.0 Full PES 2014 - by Jenjey1002

    loader pes 2014

    Version : (Full)

    - Fixed many bugs for kit loader
    - Improve stability for plugins
    - Added guide for kitloader in “Docs”, please take a look before configuration your kits
    - Fileloader can work with unzlib file (you dont need to zlib file before using)

    Available plugins :

    - KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system
    - Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality…
    - SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
    - Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system’s bugs


    No te olvides de ejecutar el juego como adminsitrador.

    Tamaño: 10,99 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-10-06 00:47:42
    Descargas: 400
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  • Descarga  CPK File Manager Tool PES 2014 v1.1 - by sxsxsx

    herramienta edicion pes 2014


    Here is an alternative tool for new *.cpk files, It’s my simple ‘CPK File Manager Tool’ for pes14 *.cpk archive files, its my simple analysis tool for search/analysis game files, I’ve designed it as ‘indexed file list (old style)’ and it includes generic game tool features:

    * Fast loading *.CPK files
    * Easy’n'Fast file find/access with indexed file list (old style)
    * Auto-ZLib Compress/DeCompress
    * Import/Export all of game files
    * Supported texture types; DDS,PNG
    * Better Texture Preview
    * Auto-Expand file slot when importing big files
    * Support Console version (I will update it when PC game released)
    * File Hex-edit with external editor (put your hex-editor path into config.ini)
    * Decode/Encode *.cpk files properly

    Novedades v1.1:

    * Compatible with PC Platform (supports both PC and Console)
    * Search Files with filename
    * More fast and stable
    * Fixed some small bugs

    * Author: Suat CAGDAS "sxsxsx"
    * Special Thanks: jenkey1002 (for decoding cpk file headers)

    Tamaño: 429 bytes
    Agregado el: 2013-09-21 02:57:29
    Descargas: 1303
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  • Descarga  Logo Creator PES 2014 v1.20 - by jenkey1002

    edicion logos pes 2014

    Changelog 1.10 :

    Added more 6 styles : FIFA 12, Glossy 1, Glass , Glass 2, Wave Gloss
    Added option for auto get background color
    Added option for change logo align
    Allow to convert folder

    Changelog 1.20 :

    Added more 3 styles
    Added support size 16×16,32×32,64×64
    Improve processing speed

    Tamaño: 2,05 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-09-17 20:23:32
    Descargas: 1152
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  • Descarga  Player Utility PES 2014 v1.0 - by Nanni y DarkGiovy

    edicion jugadores pes 2014


    - View ID of all player in the database
    - Edit Name and Shirt name
    - Turn in lowercase or uppercase all names players with one click
    - Export single player dump
    - Hex Editor included
    - Zlib/Unzlib .bin files
    - And other little features…

    Como se usa:

    - Open this path: “dt10pes14_ps3_datcommonetcpesdb”
    - Zlib Player.bin with the function “Tools => Compressed archive => Decompress”
    - Open unzlib_player.bin with the tool and Enjoy!

    Tamaño: 584 bytes
    Agregado el: 2013-09-17 03:24:56
    Descargas: 285
    Página de Inicio

  • Descarga  Stadium Name Editor PES 2014 - by DarkGiovy y Nanni

    editor estadios pes 2014


    - Edit Stadium name
    - Turn in lowercase or uppercase all stadium name with one click
    - Export single stadium dump
    - Hex Editor included
    - Zlib/Unzlib .bin files

    Tamaño: 373 bytes
    Agregado el: 2013-09-17 03:13:07
    Descargas: 176
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  • Descarga  Pes File Explorer PES 2014 Alpha Version v1.0.0.0 - by jenkey1002

    pes file explorer pes 2014


    Supports PES2014 format : dds, str, png
    Zlib & unzlib
    Works with both PC & Console files
    Supports PES6 – PES2013 format : .bin
    Import, export image
    Convert, resize image
    Str editor, import, export to ini

    Es una versión test, en el futuro saldrán versiones más completas

    Tamaño: 5,45 MB
    Agregado el: 2013-09-15 05:17:53
    Descargas: 2616
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