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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Herramientas Edición

descargas pes


  • Descarga  PES 2018 PC Editor V1.0b - by ejogc327

    edicion pes 2018

    This tool works to edit stats for PES 2018 and PES 2017 PC. It has two modes:

    1- Data files: works for DT10.cpk (DT36.cpk PlayerAppearances.bin)  decompressed (don`t need decompress each file .bin).
    2- Edit file (EDIT00000000 encrypted).

    Podrás editar:

    - Players.
    - Transfers.
    - Teams.
    - Formations.
    - Competition entry.
    - Coach.
    - Stadium.
    - Import/Export in CSV files: Players, Teams, Coachs, PlayerAssignment.
    - Global Functions.
    - Correct fake names: Players, Teams, Coachs (CSV files).
    - Replace repeated players.


    - This tool is in English, Spanish and Italian. If you want add another language in other version, please translate the file ENG.txt and share it.
    - If you import new teams in Teams.bin, the game can`t create EDIT file. You`ll need create EDIT file with the new teams manually or importing in EDIT file too.
    - The CSV files can be separated by comma, semicolon or tabulation, but must be *.csv.
    - The CSV files must be UNICODE or UTF-8 to get special characters.
    - In EDIT mode, can`t create players with any Id. It must be higher than 1048576 (0x100000).
    - To import the orden don`t matter, but the headers do. You can`t change them.
    - You can export and import between PES2017 and 2018. Some items aren`t correlated like Edit_PlayingStiles.
    - Before use this tool, make a backup.

    Tamaño: 5,38 MB
    Agregado el: 2017-10-01 18:43:13
    Descargas: 97
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  • Descarga  PES File Crypter PES 2018 PC - by Devil Cold52

    edicion pes 2018


    - Decryption/Encryption of EDIT00000000.
    - Unzlib/Zlib PES .bin files.
    - Drag & Drop Function

    Tamaño: 1,18 MB
    Agregado el: 2017-09-17 22:09:34
    Descargas: 81
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  • Descarga  Edit ID Finder v1 PES 2018 - by Devil Cold52

    edicion pes 2018

    edicion pes 2018

    edicion pes 2018


    - Open/Save to EDIT00000000
    - Players
    - Teams
    - Export Player
    - Import Player
    - Export Team
    - Import Team
    - Search Player
    - Search Team

    Tamaño: 1,30 MB
    Agregado el: 2017-09-17 16:17:56
    Descargas: 102
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