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VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 [PES2021][PC] v5 RELEASED : PES 2021

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VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 [PES2021][PC] v5 RELEASED

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VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 [PES2021][PC] v5 RELEASED

Notapor VirtuaRED » Mar Oct 18, 2022 4:22 pm

v5 AIO



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  1. Before installation of v5, we recommend to manually delete livecpk and content folders from your eFootball PES 2021 folder, (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021").
  2. Download the 19 parts of the Patch.
  3. Execute VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 v5.exe installer. Make sure that the correct eFootball PES 2021 folder is selected in the installation wizard.
  4. Download the 17 parts of the Stadiums.
  5. Unzip stadium-server in your content folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\content").
  6. Download the Fix.
    • Move the content of the eFootball PES 2021 folder to your eFootball PES 2021 folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021"), replacing the existing files.
    • Move the EDIT to your PES 2021 save folder (normally in "C:\Users\{USER}\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\{NUMBER}\save"), replacing the existing file.
  7. Do you prefer Liga MX or Primera División del Perú?
    • If you want to have Liga MX:
      • You have to do nothing, this league is included by default in the patch.
    • If you want to have Primera División del Perú:
      • Download the Peru Switch.
      • Move the content of the eFootball PES 2021 folder to your eFootball PES 2021 folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021"), replacing the existing files.
      • Move the EDIT to your PES 2021 save folder (normally in "C:\Users\{USER}\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\{NUMBER}\save"), replacing the existing file.
      • Note: if you want to rollback to Liga Mx, just download Mexico Rollback and repeat the steps.
  8. Execute the shortcut VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 v5 created in your desktop. It will run the game + sider.
  9. Enjoy!

Important notes:
  • ALL CREDITS and detailed info of the patch is available in the Official Thread.
  • You can share this patch, but please respect the original links.
  • Any problem with the patch? Check first the Official FAQ, if you still don't solve your issue please ask in the Official Thread, we will try to help you as soon as possible, but please, make sure your question has not been resolved before.
  • Do you want to be updated about our patch? Follow us on Twitter!


- Compatible with Konami's DLC 7.0.
- Last Live Update applied: 27/05/2021.
- Updated to 2022 season the competitions: Brasileirao Serie A, Brasileirao Serie B, Categoría Primera A, Liga MX, Liga División del Perú (Switch), Primera División de Chile, Liga Profesional de Futbol (Argentina).
- Updated to 22/23 season the competitions: LaLiga Santander, LaLiga Smartbank, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Primeira Liga.
- The rest of the competitions are still in 21/22 season - and will be updated soon.
- Most of the teams have licensed coach (with real name).
- All teams and national teams of the game are licensed and have the original name.
- All the competitions of the game have the original name.
- Added leagues: Bundesliga, J League, Liga MX, Liga División del Perú (Switch).
- Added 25 new teams to Other Clubs (Europe): Red Bull Salzburg, Crvena Zvezda, LASK Linz, APOEL FC, FC CFR Cluj, Malmo FF, PFC Ludogorets, Qarabag, Dudelange, Rosenborg, Ferencvarosi, Olexandriya, Wolfsberger, Slovan Bratislava, Partizan, Astana, Molde FK, Rapid Wien, Lech Poznan, Rijeka, Omonia, CSKA Sofia, Zorya Luhansk, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Slovan Liberec, Al Ahly, Dundalk, Sheriff Tiraspol, Legia Warszawa, Sturm Graz.
- Added 25 new teams to Other Clubs (Latin America). All participantes in CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores 20/21 are included.
- Added 1 new team to Other Clubs (Africa): Esperance de Tunis.
- Added 3 new national teams: DR Congo, Gabon, Canada.
- New classic teams: PES Legends Europe A, PES Legends Europe B, PES Legends World, PES United.
- Real id for all the national teams' players.
- Activated national anthems for all the national teams in the game.
- Added 72 new Master League managers. Classic players: 24. Real managers: 51. Total amount: 103.

- The best collection of faces you will never find. The patch includes a total of 5902 faces. Added also new tattoos and hairs, all of them in the best quality and 100% tested in-game. Faces from 300 players were edited in exclusive for VirtuaRED.com Patch.
- Fixed skin color and head settings for more than 1000 players.
- Included a total of 25539 mini faces.
- Faces and mini faces for all the new Master League managers added to the game.
- Real photos for a total of 542 coaches.

- Using a custom kit server that includes kits for all the teams and national teams in the database. Kits updated to 22/23 season. Kits from more than 150 teams were edited in exclusive for VirtuaRED.com Patch.
- Sleeve badge server that contains badges for all the competitions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Scotland, Spain. It also includes international competitions UCL, UEL, USC, UEFA Euro, FIFA CWC.
- Referee kit server that uses Hawke's v7 as a base. It includes official referee kits for more than 50 competitions. Includes Adidas generic kits and also Umbro, Errea, and Adidas classic kits.

- Using the Hawke's ball server v24 - extended by us - which includes the official balls for the most important competitions around the world in very high quality, linked to more than 30 competitions. It also includes specific-team balls and generic ones. Total amount: 642.
- Using the Hoppus117's boot pack v12.5 + update from Lee Breaker, it includes a superset of 100 boots + 540 hidden.
- Using the goalkeeper gloves included in the Hoppus117's boot pack, which includes 30 goalkeeper gloves + 50 hidden.
- Boots and gloves assignments for a high number of players in the game. The players without boot assignation will use the classic Adidas boots.

- All the non-licensed teams and competitions logos have been replaced by the original ones. All the logos are in high quality.
- Buttons and gamepad replaced by the PlayStation 4 ones (compatible with 4K screens).
- Includes real MVP award boards and trophies for: Europe Best Player, America Best Player, Asia Best Player, World Best Player.
- Added screen and water bottle in the press rooms (this will be visible in Master League/Become A Legend).
- Probably the most complete scoreboard server you will ever find. A high variety scoreboard collection with many different real TV logos. It includes more than 270 scoreboards for a total of 55 competitions.
- Most of the scoreboards have been adapted to be playable in "Exhibition" mode. We also have created a "No TV" version for many scoreboards.
- Customized pause menus for competitions: Bundesliga, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia, Coupe de France, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup, EFL Championship, EFL Playoffs, FA Community Shield, FA Cup, FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga Smartbank Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Premier League, Serie A, Supercopa de España, Supercoppa Italia, Trophee des Champions, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup.
- Customized icons in pause menus for competitions: CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores, Copa do Brasil, Danish Superliga, FIFA Club World Cup, ICC, Liga Profesional de Futbol (Argentina), Russian Premier League, Scottish Premiership.
- Custom scoreboard previews design, so all the scoreboards have the same preview style.
- Substitution boards for more than 50 competitions.
- Substitution boards for teams: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Atletico Mineiro, Flamengo, Vasco da Gama, Fluminese, Botafogo, Palmeiras, Gremio, Sao Paulo, Santos, Corinthians, Boca Juniors, Racing Club Avellaneda, River Plate, San Lorenzo de Almagro, CA Huracán.
- Using the Hawke's menu server v4.0, extended by us. It improves all the graphics in the game: banners, screens, colors, and competition menus. An amazing look & feel that provides a completely new user experience in the game.
- Using the PESWEB & Eulinho random menu module, which allows adding much more players to the main menu of the game.
- Using the Hawke's dirty stains mod, which makes the player stains dirty during the match.
- Using the Hoppus117 & Hawke grip sox + accessories mod, which adds grip socks to players and referee watches.

- The best collection of stadiums you will never find. The patch includes a total of 1067 stadiums of the best quality, and some of them are edited exclusively for our patch. Many stadiums have been updated with current sponsors, improved details, fixed flickering and roof issues, etc.
- All the stadiums are assigned to their local teams, and to the competition's final matches, being as much realistic as possible.
- Aerial views for some stadiums in the game, working on day and night matches.
- Improved the sunlighten for many stadiums, including dynamic illumination (sunset in the first half, night in the second half).
- Custom branding in the stadiums for competitions: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores.
- All the photographers in UCL and UAL stadiums have the official competition bibs.
- Added new turfs of the best quality
- Corner flag server which includes the original corner flags for 74 competitions and 330 teams.
- Choreos for all the Spanish and German stadiums, and also for some others.
- Using the Dragovic & Jostike Games fan server v5, which enables fans to make choreos and raise their clubs' scarfs for specific matches. Includes choreos for a total of 136 teams.
- Flares at the beginning of the match in all the Brazilian stadiums and some from Argentina.
- Real tunnels, nets, goalposts, and small details for a high amount of stadiums.
- All the stadiums in the game have a new preview with a really nice look & feel.
- Using a custom adboard collection that includes real adboards for all the competitions in the game, specific team adboards, global adboards and neutral adboards for the generic stadiums. Many adboards are animated.
- Using the Hawke's small details in Stadiums mod, which improveds the textures and addes small details in the stadiums.
- Using the Hawke's ballboys server v2 as a base, which has been extended by us. It includes custom ballboys and bench players for 31 teams and 10 competitions.
- Using the Musne1989's stadium screen module, which customizes the stadium screens for many teams in the game. Added custom stadium screens for all teams in Premier League and for FA Community Shield games.
- [Optional] Includes a mod to delete the crowd, waving flags, and camera flashes (lockdown mode).

- Goal song server which includes goal songs for a total of 284 teams and competitions.
- Completely new soundtrack with 32 songs.
- Using the Mauri_d's goal song pack, which includes 100 additional goal songs.
- Using the Ginda01's Intro server as a base, which has been extended by us. It includes a total of 55 intros.
- Using the Predator002's chants pack v4, which includes chants for 851 teams and 190 players. It also includes a very rich and realistic audio background that is played during the matches.
- Using the Predator002's national anthems pack v2, which contains national anthems for 219 countries. These anthems will be played before the match.
- Using the Predator002's tournament menu anthems pack v2, which contains the official anthems for some unlicensed club tournament menus (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores).
- Using the Predator002's tournament anthems pack v2, which contains the official anthems for 48 competitions supported in the game. It also adds some trophy celebration anthems (competition and team specific).
- Using the Kunpup's team anthems pack v3, which adds anthems for all teams in Serie A, Serie B, Premier League, EFL Championship, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga Smartbank, Bundesliga, Swiss Super League, Sportoto SüperLig, Liga Profesional de Futbol (Argentina), Brasileirão Série A, Campeonato AFP PlanVital, Liga BetPlay Dimayor, Eredivisie, Scottish Premiership, Eredivisie, and some other teams from all over the world. Total amount: 492.
- [Optional] Includes the Predator002's Chants Lockdown Edition v2, which deletes the crowd noise and chants, replacing them with noise from the players.

- Using the Durandil's Immersion mod 2.0, which includes more than 250 cutscenes, new animations, goal celebrations, and new camera angles.
- Using the FuNZoTiK Entrances converted by Milos987 mod v1.0 as a base.
- Added entrances and trophies for more than 60 competitions, most of them updated to the last season.
- All the entrances will be available for exhibition matches (when two teams of the same league are playing).
- Using the Hawke's bib server v2 as a base, which has been extended by us. It includes bibs for 39 competitions and optionally for 29 ML teams.


Special thanks:
- Many thanks to the VirtuaRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Gnen, Meryoju, Juaniyo, AnArKi_FrOsT, 6ons1, Garythano, Neorul, Marcos Mark, Veintisiete2772, Zapinghot, Salvagonzalez5, Jigg Gamer, Luisdavid2020, PesGamerBSC, Andrevz98, Trick8s, AntonioMV99, Facemaker CevCla, 0coolmods, Gavi83, ALVALB80, Soyelparce, SethLopex, Dv014, PESKASAKA, OscaLo, FranJavi. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn't be possible.
- Special thanks for the contribution of some external collaborators that we consider part of our VirtuaRED family: MeroMero_08, SoulBallZ, Spursfan18, Kunpup, Predator002, The_pelado (PES Dream Patch).
- Eternally grateful to people like Barcafan, Devil Cold52, Ejogc327, Ginda01, Goldorakiller, Jenkey1002, Juce, Lagun-2, Nesa24, Obocaman, Razib_46, Razor87, Shawminator, Smeagol75, W!ld@, Zlac. Their tools make us easier the edition task.
- Partner communities: PESoccerPeru, Peskitsjjs, CHILEPES, PES CREACIONES COLOMBIA.

- Database edited by Txak, AntonioMV99, Zapinghot.
- Player stats, appearance and team configuration by Txak, AntonioMV99, Zapinghot, Neorul, RK7, PESoccerPeru, PesFanIt, RK7, PESUniverse, PesVicioBR, AndrewPES, iamRubenMG, The Game, Washa AB.
- Liga MX by Peskitsjjs (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).
- Master League managers linked to classic players by SoulBallZ.

- All faces collected and tested by Juaniyo, Neorul, Zapinghot, Garythano.
- Faces by AXL, Amey Varangaonkar, ABS, Alireza, Andò12345, Ahmed el Shenany, AmirHsn7, Andrey93, AMFST, Aliefzv01, Abdulaziz, Archebe, Andri, Ari Saputra, Bou7a, Bolulu, BurakGD, Bonofacemaker, Bebo, Blue, Blackbird, Boka, BVG, BeratCFC, CevCla, Champions1989, Cyrox&novoO, Cybermaker, ChilePes, CongNgo, Costa3, Centrij, Christian Jr, DMIII, DNB, Danger, Dominic, DAVIDJM08, Dustmcpw, Davidoneseven, Dizzeespellz, Dylan Frost, Dzayer, Darko5500, Emaelmate, Eric, Emre T, Epic Faces, Eyzord, Emilang, EgaOi, Eldhoz, Fasemc, Fernbacher, Fede, Francisco1507, Farouk278, Fleishman, FootballMania, Gordoumbanda, GianEstefano, Galacton, Gavilin, Ghufran, Gsports, Huybuy, Hicho, Hasan, Heywips, Hector15, I3ens, IagoVenon, Jonathan Facemaker, Juanchi25, Jarray and White Demon, Jovic,Josvid, Jovic1901, Junior Mantis, Javo-275, JP Patumin, karnal, Kazuya, KepaRik, Konami, Kidam, Kokorsuret, Lr7face, Lucas, Luis, Laucha, L.G.R., Lingaa, Love01010100, Mictlantecuhtli, Milos987, Mincho, Maratik182, MW, MarcosMARK, MARK, MadMax, Messi pradeep, Mouadovsky, Maijna, Mikey-Inter92, Mezzala, Nahue, Nene, NVA, Nzoesx, Octavio, Oliver Martin, Onethiin, Obeymyself, Ostemads98, OliverT, Parker_7, Prince Hamiz, PESWEB, PESFaceThai, Pes Patch Peru, Pes Football Turkey, PutraDiatmikra, Qiya, Ratatui, Raden, Rednik, Return, Random, Roger Contreras, Rachmad ABs, Shaft, Stranger, SuperNova, Spursfan18, SR, Sofyan Andri, Sameh Momen, SeanFede, SS44, Serge, Tiitoo, Tsunami, TK, Tradtrad100, Ultra1312, Unknown facemaker,Vickingduck13, Valentinlgs, Vojasrbin, Volun, Viktor S, Viper 12, Whoami, Znovik.
- All mini faces collected and tested by Gnen.
- Mini faces by Gnen, Salvagonzalez5, Jigg Gamer, Zagro, AnArKi_FrOsT, Trick8s, Crowd53, Soyelparce, SMcCutcheon, PogChampion.
- Master League manager faces mod by SoulBallZ.
- Master League manager faces by Barcerojas​, WHOAMI, Lucas Eduardo, Abdulaziz1899, Ummah Qiya, BOKA BOLK, Owen31, Volun, Aliefzv01, Yeshua Facemaker, Stels Facemaker​​, PES_Faces​, Nanilincol44.PesMaker, Huybuifacemaker.
- Real coach photos by Gnen, Neorul.

- All kits collected and tested by Txak.
- Many kits adapted to kitserver by Txak, SethLopex, Trick8s-
- Kits by Txak, Meryoju, Juaniyo, Sando, Antonio.G, Eder Mello, Kit Man Cal, RainP0322, AbRockyFalls_We, Waserin_Pes, J.Kit Editor, Il Sarto di PES, GronKaroglan, PES Kitmaker_DREAMER, PES Kits Ekstraklasa, kitsforwepes.com, DynamoForever, CuervoGameplays, Hadad, Fallons, Angeltorero, Lobosemillas, PESoccerPeru, PES AF13 Kitmaker, Grand Bleu, 1234Kits, MARCUS (MARC_11_11), AerialEdson, Glauber Silva, Afif Avridi, AlexKits, Klerry, Real.GeoCraig90, Tekask1903, Maker_kit, Pesmastersite, Muntjac_09, TraxerPes, MTGames, Bebeto94, Mota10, Nemanja, Hawke, ICMP Team, Kitmaker Stheno, Muham_istau, Simomkd, Alexkitmaker, Ju_Kitmaker, Zodiax Kitmaker, AmaboPES, 4lankitmaker, Matkitsen, BM Kits, 1234kits, RGonzo1983, scottish_carson, migelanhel, RJPR, Arroyin, FRKITMAN, Babamobo, Pedro_Kits, Rabb Gacy, Ciffu, Camilo Londoño, Andrés Rocha, Henry García, PES CREACIONES COLOMBIA, NonoKitmaker, Neju, Brascha97, Ivoet, AdelinoTrance, Tonyrgl91, Dv014, PESKASAKA.
- Sleeve badge server collected by Klerry, extended by Txak.
- Sleeve badges by Klerry, Txak.
- Referee kit server collected by Hawke, extended by Txak.
- Referee kits by Hawke, MJTS-140914, Shawminator, Lobosemillas, PESoccerPeru, RipRipher, Txak.

- Ball server collected by Hawke, extended by Txak, Cronos.
- Balls by Cronos, Txak, Hawke, Angelj107, Danyy, Ppaaggpp, Endo, Txak, Tiitoo, Josemiguel_miuccio, Shawminator, NFS_FM, Konami, FIFA.
- Boot pack by Hoppus117.
- Boots by Hoppus117, Eddyedwards1075, Gabriele-150115, Lee Breaker.
- Boots assignments by Gabriele-150115. Default boot for unassigned players by Isaac Ens.
- Glove pack by Hoppus117.

- Teams, national teams, and competitions logos adapted by Txak. Logos by Peslogos, NFS_FM.
- All the competitions have light and dark logos.
- PlayStation 4 gamepad by Sargox, SiuMing, Maritimo, SoulBallZ.
- MVP award boards by Txak.
- European MVP award trophy by Ginda01 converted to PES 2021 by Txak.
- Word, America, and Asia MVP award trophies by Joaako1602.
- Screen and water bottle in press rooms by Txak.
- Scoreboard server collected and tested by FranJavi, Neorul.
- Scoreboards by Txak, Meryoju, FranJavi,PesGamerBSC, Spursfan18, Milos98, CHILEPES, Eskpist, Unknown32, FuNZoTiK, 1002MB, Lucasvillakapo, Andò12345, Lohan258 (Arthur Torres), Hoppus117, JaviRiver, Ahmedromyo, Gkhnsmskk, SG, Ryudek, Rifcap, Overall, Westaham77, Torisesan, furkankaba42, Macek, Mck, Iscoreboard Maker 03, Wishdream, Cesc Fabregas, NFS_FM, Rengo Patch, Predator002, Alex Hammer, Klerry, Neto_souza, Rip (PES AZTK), Blackbird, Afandix, Jsktkt, Nemhoo.
- Scoreboard previews design by Meryoju. All the scoreboard previews created by FranJavi.
- Pause menus by Afandix.
- Substitution boards collected and tested by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Substitution boards by AnArKi_FrOsT, Klerry, Superb3222, Gianluca.
- Menu server collected by Hawke, extended by FranJavi.
- Menus and other graphics by --SG--, 1002MB, NFS_FM, SiuMing, SoulBallZ, FranJavi, Txak.
- Random menu module by PESWEB, Eulinho.
- Dirty Stains by Hawke.
- Grip sox and accessories by Hoppus117, Hawke.

- Stadium server completely collected by Cronos, AnArKi_FrOsT. Testing by Luisdavid2020.
- Stadiums by Cronos, AnArKi_FrOsT, Veintisiete2772, PesGamerBSC, 0coolmods, Gavi83, GAD Multimaker, Jostike Games, The_pelado (PES Dream Patch), AFA-PES, PES AZTK, 6ons1, Arthur Torres (lohan258), AlexFreen, Andò12345, Don Pombero stadium maker, Ttb, El_Rubio_UY, Xcdf86, UdeC_el Pro, bmpes.com, Eddduuuhhh, PeZedd, Chosefs, LauDRuP, Martinza, DexX, MYMRanger, MJTS-140914, Omarbonvi, RavenFCB, José Ribeiro Junior, Ole, Captain8lunt, _TheSpecialOne_, Hobbit, Balkanpesbox, Cristian Otrillas, CocoSurprise, Ianscott42, Santi69, Badgerbadger, Yucel11, Burakyazici, Don88, Djpelle1, PLATOCHE6822, Serge, Bouquenom, Spursfan07, Zakpak23, DAV3MEISTER, Ryudek, BlackBull, Ismail1795, Ciuffu, Ismail1795, Tony_yeboah, Gonzaga_sg, Davidoneseven, Aaron the Monkey, Steph57, Edit Mods PES, Dinei, Cpl_Tabouli, Nicolaspes6, BLazeSpider1, Rvz.stadium.model3d, Saul.silva, Anhduyslesh, LinZeeN, Olafmatusch, Muham_istau, Drogond, PesHistoricos, Cpl_Tabouli, Bluestillidie00, Ahannich, Anhduyslesh, Davidoneseven, Sanatxu, Daniel Iacc.
- Stadiums fixed by AnArKi_FrOsT, Cronos, Txak, Garythano.
- Stadium turfs by Endo, Makidan, Moiduran2, 0coolmods.
- Aerial views by Cronos, Jostike Games, Veintisiete2772, _TheSpecialOne_, Don88.
- Corner flag server collected by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Corner flags by AnArKi_FrOsT, Luis.erazoh, Neorul, Superb3222, Klerry, Clopezzgz.
- Choreos by AnArKi_FrOsT, Jens, Gavi83.
- Flares by Guorfan.
- Stadium previews designed by Meryoju and adapted by AnArKi_FrOsT, Cronos, DeyBIOS, FranJavi.
- Custom colored nets by AnArKi_FrOsT, Guorfan, Czahny.
- Goal posts by AnArKi_FrOsT, Captain8lunt, _TheSpecialOne_.
- Tunnels by Cronos, AnArKi_FrOsT, Veintisiete2772, Luis.erazoh, Andò12345, Eddduuuhhh, Ethan2, FuNZoTiK, Hawke, Jostike Games, lohan258, Luke Wharm, superb3222, _TheSpecialOne_, PES 2018, PES 2019.
- Adboards collected by Cronos.
- Adboards by Txak, MYMRanger, Predator002, Chosefs, Gothlay, Majuh, Ctonian, Nabawi, Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, BenjaDiaz, DrDoooMuk, Balkan Pes Box, Klerry - j1_league, RavenFCB, captain8lunt, GAD Multimaker, Rcubed.
- Small details in stadiums by AnArKi_FrOsT, Hawke.
- Ballboys server collected by Hawke, extended by FranJavi.
- Ballboys by Trick8s, Hawke.
- Stadium screens by Musne1989, Gavi83.
- No crown mod by Hawke, Furkan6141, Dazzaa.

- Songs converted by Txak. Songs proposed by Neorul, Gnen, PesGamerBSC, FranJavi.
- Chants Predator002. Some specific chants by Veintisiete2772.
- Chants base pack by Predator002.
- Goal song server collected by PeZedd, extended by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Goal songs by AnArKi_FrOsT, Mauri_d, PeZedd, ultrà cosenza, Veintisiete2772.
- Intro server collected by Ginda01, extended by Txak.
- Intros by Txak, Luis.erazoh, Amfakh, CEMCEMRE, Eddduuuhhh, Flav69, inferno2201, Memeguy, muliad10fficial, Tony_yeboah, XarquiZ, Flav69. Many intros found on Fanaticepl.
- National anthems by Predator002.
- Tournament menu anthems by Predator002.
- Tournament anthems collected by Predator002, extended by FranJavi.
- Tournament anthems by Predator002, Neorul.
- Team anthems pack collected by Kunpup.
- Team anthems by Kunpup, Predator002, Mauri_d, Heywips, OBH, RIE, Superb3222, Dave78, Gianluca, Neorul.
- NoDragao mod by Dazzaa.
- Chants lockdown edition by Predator002.

- New animations, cameras, celebrations and cutscenes by Durandil, FuNZoTiK.
- Entrances by MeroMero_08, Joaako1602, PesGamerBSC, AnArKi_FrOsT, FuNZoTiK, Milos987, 1002MB, Dzaigo, Gianluca, Overall, Superb3222, EvoSwitcher, Spursfan18, Kunpup. Testing by Luisdavid2020.
- Entrances collected and tested by by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Trophies by Piero Rojas, Mero, Joaako1602, Andrevz98, Tommy_b.
- Competition banners by Ginda01.
- Bib server collected by Hawke, extended by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Bibs by Hawke, AnArKi_FrOsT.
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Re: VirtuaRED.com Patch 2021 [PES2021][PC] v5 RELEASED

Notapor serginho11 » Mié Mar 01, 2023 7:48 pm

Necesitaría ayuda con este parche. Son muchos gigas para mi disco duro.
Si pongo solo los estadios que me interesen, el parche sigue funcionando correctamente?
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