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Descargas Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC Herramientas Edición

descargas pes

  • Descarga  CG PES Explorer v0.5 PES 2019 - by shawminator

    edicion pes 2019

    Welcome to the first edition of CGPE, i have created a few different tools over the years mainly for Fifa staring back with with fifa14.
    I have decided to come back to PES after a long absence and i am surprised at how much i am enjoying the game.

    When i came back i looked at all the tools available and thought to myself even though they were all good tools and did what the say on the tin,

    "Wouldn't it be nice to have one tool do everything?"

    So here it is, i hope.....

    the aim of CGPE was to include all the needed process that were available in one place.
    The explorer will include the following:

    - CPK Reader/Writer
    - FTEX Reader/Writer
    - APK Reader/Writer
    - DpFileList.bin Reader/Writer/Management
    - Texture Previewing/Export/Import
    - FPK Reader/Writer
    - FMDL Reader (WIP)
    - String Reader/Writer(WIP)
    - Database Editor(WIP)
    - Compatibility with Sider/LiveCPK if released for pes2019 (Currently works well with 2018)
    - PNG Previewing/Export/Import
    - DDS Previewing/Export/Import

    I Hope you find this easy to use and if any issues or bugs are found let me know
    I will continually update this help file as more things gets added to the explorer.

    Tamaño: 6,62 MB
    Agregado el: 2018-08-15 17:57:35
    Descargas: 1945
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  • Descarga  DpFileList Generator PES 2019 Demo - by Baris

    DpFileList Generator pes2019

    Edita DpFileList Generator dlc.csv para trabajar con PES 2019 Demo.

    1. Haga su cpk personalizado y colóquelo en la carpeta download.
    2. Ejecute el Generador DpFileList por Baris y seleccione su Cpk personalizado.
    3. Genere DpFileList.bin nuevo.

    Tamaño: 1,61 MB
    Agregado el: 2018-08-12 18:19:34
    Descargas: 347
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  • Descarga  Sider 5.0.0 PES 2019 - by Juce

    edicion pes 2019


    Podrás configurar el tiempo de partido en la demo de PES 2019 entre 1 y 255 minutos. El juego seguirá marcando 5 minutos pero no será así.

    Tamaño: 395 bytes
    Agregado el: 2018-08-10 18:32:25
    Descargas: 224
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