6 Tips on How to Safely Use Social Media

6 Tips on How to Safely Use Social Media

The popularity of social media is undeniable. Many kinds of social media accounts are used for a variety of purposes. It may be for business, personal blog, advertising, or for general use. Celebrities and influencers are also gaining popularity by using this platform and interacting with their fan following. The most popular social media accounts include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

By posting and inserting your information in the accounts, there also arises the risk of getting your data hacked. It would be best to try to take protective measures to protect your accounts. Here are some tips and tricks on how to stay safe on social media.

Strong Password:

Set strong passwords for your accounts. A strong password is a long one consisting of letters and numbers. A great tip is to have different passwords for each of your social media accounts. It will help prevent the hacker from opening up another account if he gets access to one of them by chance.

Most of the social media accounts have security set up. You should make sure to fill the security answers and select your options. When you have downloaded social media applications, it becomes essential to put a password on your device.

Share with Care:

When posting and sharing information related to yourself, make sure to be careful. Think about it before sharing it with the public. Your sensitive information, such as a home address, phone number, or bank account details, can be stolen to reveal your identity.

If you are a celebrity or an influencer, you have to be even more careful in posting stuff on social media. As the public has their attention on you, it can easily get you involved in a controversy or issue.

Install an Antivirus Software:

You can usar una VPN (Virtual Private Network) software to protect your online activity. It can also provide the following features for your safe use.

Browse Anonymously:

You can browse the internet anonymously by using VPN software. It can protect your information and the IP address from leaking. VPN makes it impossible for someone to trace your IP address. You can also make your payment without revealing your information. It can be done by using Bitcoin or Bit.

Kill Switch:

A great VPN service has a kill switch feature. While accessing your social media, your VPN might stop working; then, this feature disconnects you from the internet to help protect your data and IP address. Another great part of a VPN is split tunneling, which allows you to choose which application you want to run through a VPN software.

Use Your Accounts with Caution:

As the use of social media is increasing, the number of hackers are also growing. No day goes by, where a single social media account is not hacked. All the hard work you put into your business or personal account can get hacked in seconds.

It is best to avoid content or language that looks unfamiliar. It may be a trap set by the hacker. Do not click on unnecessary links.

Privacy Settings:

Social media accounts have options regarding their privacy settings. You can select the settings of your account according to your choice. You can choose who can see your posts and those who cannot. It provides a boundary for your safety.

Another step to protect your account is to log off from your account after using it. You can install a good password manager software to secure your account. They make a strong password for your device and automatically fills it on all your accounts. It gives strong protection for all your online or application passwords.

Be Aware of Fake Accounts:

The creation of fake accounts is increasing nowadays. They are usually created for the wrong reasons. It may be made to impersonate someone else to generate misunderstanding or to make false statements. They might also be made for sending you to a harmful site that contains illegal activity.

When you get a friend’s request, make sure to check out the authenticity of the account and if it belongs to your friend. It is important to verify suspicious accounts to save yourself from any future trouble. False accounts usually have nothing good to offer and may end up creating problems for you on a legal or personal level.

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