Could eFootball Rebrand To More Pro Known Name

Could eFootball Rebrand To More Pro Known Name

With the 2022/23 football campaign across Europe soon to be with us, followers of the sport also have a winter distraction to look forward to later on in the year, as we also have the spectacle that will be the 2022 World Cup out in Qatar to look forward to.

Until then, most football fans will be enjoying their summers and partaking in plenty of gaming - whether that be the FIFA franchise by EA Sports, Konami`s newer eFootball series or one of the many other games available to play out there in the wider world of the internet.

For Konami, it has been an interesting few years.  Following the huge and worldwide success of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, they decided on a full rebrand to the eFootball name following the loss of some key licence agreements after the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 back in 2018.

Having faced some major issues with the rebrand to begin with, and with some strong and vociferous criticism coming in from a large number of their fan base and the game was not ranked on this site, it seems possible that eFootball could itself now be subject to a further rebrand to a more familiar sounding name following the more recent 2022 release.

Back in the middle of March, it was discovered that Konami Digital Entertainment had filed a new trademark request in Australia.  The mark provides a more unique spin on the Evolution name, swapping it out for the word Powerful.

The filing for Pro Powerful Soccer was a simple trademark request, so no additional details were supplied or provided on what Konami`s ultimate intent with the branding would be - but it does not take much of an educated guess to simply presume that there may be a link and the aim might simply be to put a new spin on an old favourite given the problems eFootball has encountered since that change.

Whilst it feels like the most plausible explanation here, the truth is it could be for an entirely different project and Konami could plan to just strive for improvement with eFootball.

Particularly when you factor in the fact that Pro Powerful Soccer already exists as a gacha game in its own right, which is currently available on mobile devices, from Hong Kong studio Boltrend Games.

So on that front, it would seem a strange move from Konami, irrespective of their wealth and standing as a developer as it could mean a largely unnecessary legal cost.

Although the future of Pro Evolution Soccer, or eFootball, largely continues to be up in the air at the moment given the problems the original rebrand caused and the major frustrations that loyal fans and followers have then experienced since, in many ways whatever the company now do will be met with a degree of cynicism that simply would not have existed back in 2018.

This development is certainly worth bearing in mind though, and remembering for the future as if the name does change again, maybe Konami will have pivoted back to a more reliable and winning formula.

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